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The film's most notorious scene was one in which one of the nuns (Olivia Pascal) found a piece of wood (a large round dowel) on some broken window-pane glass, deflected from a woodcutter below.

She took the wood and shard of glass back to her room and - while naked under her gown - she carved herself a large wooden dildo.

She held the round stick of wood over a large bowl where the shavings were collected as she whittled.

She commissioned another artistic nun (who was in the midst of drawing a figure of a man with an erect penis!

The first failed candidate was bearded, glasses-wearing schoolteacher Stéphane (Patrick Dewaere), a Mozart lover who also was meticulous about arranging his complete collection of Pocket Books.

However, success finally came through a match-up with underaged, high-IQ, precocious, socially-awkward 13 year old virginal boy, Christian Boloeil (Riton Liebman).

) to draw a small image of the bearded face of Jesus Christ to glue to the handle base of the carved wooden phallus - for blasphemous masturbatory purposes to induce religious ecstasy.

was a low-brow, smutty, and vulgar musical sex comedy, an X-rated parody composed of various Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters.

He was spying on an undressing Mandy Pepperidge (Mary Louise Weller) who momentarily touched herself. The pale-faced, sexually-repressed nuns reveled in rousing organ music in the chapel, danced to violin, performed sexy acrobatic leg exercises, and engaged in same-sex breast fondling in a confessional booth.

After she engaged in a topless pillow fight with others - in the excitement, his ladder tipped backwards. The Mother Superior was appalled by the sensual urges of her charges, fearing that the "King of Darkness" had overtaken them.

Sexually attracted to her painting ("I'm sure it would work with her"), the horny Prince set out on a quest to impregnate his comatose dream girl Sleeping Beauty (future 80's scream queen and Queen of the B's Linnea Quigley).

Finally by film's end, after Gussie Gander failed to arouse the Prince, he came upon the awakening virginal Sleeping Beauty who asked: "I've been waiting for him to kiss me. " Soon after, the Prince made love to his Princess, and they drove off in a horse-drawn carriage to his castle where they constantly were in bed and refused interruptions.

The visits of the local meat butcher Silva (Alessandro Partexano), the "meat man," were restricted after he was found having a secret affair with pale-faced Sister Martina (Loredana Martinez).

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