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07-Jun-2017 10:42

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I have had this for four days now and have been using it non stop from 9 a.m. I Have not used the charging from the controller function as previous experience with other micro heli's means that the handset would normally eat batteries.

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Thought it would be an interesting addition to my growing collection of these amazing machines.I have hit the ceiling with it many times, hit the walls hit the furniture and even hit myself a couple of times (I think they call that pilot error Lol!) and the blades are just starting to show a few marks on them.If you want a heli to learn then the s107g with metal parts and spares readily available is worth a look, but the cobra and chinook are great fun for kids big and small, just watch the "heavy landings"Absolutely fantastic!

Very stable, very easy to control and looks great in flight.

Flying this is the easiest heli I have ever used, the gyro makes it so stable in flight that it stops exactly where you point it and unlike other heli's the rotation trim is controlled with a nice easy knob in the centre rather than having to push button whilst you are trying to fly, a much better design.