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OSX Yosemite 10.10 is the minimum up through El Capitan and Mac OS Sierra.The camera itself features full PTZ control: Mechanical Pan and Tilt, with up to 5z Zoom.Cybersex trafficking is a serious and emerging crime encouraged by the Internet’s affordability, accessibility and anonymity.In Southeast Asia, this particular niche has boomed due to the increase in Internet usage and access to high-speed Internet coupled with its profitable tourism industry.In IJM’s first 20 cases of cybersex trafficking, 54% of the victims were 12 years old or younger and had a higher proportion of male victims than traditional sex trafficking (International Justice Mission UK).In addition to providing holistic care for some survivors of cybersex trafficking, My Refuge House has a Community Outreach and Prevention Program. Jedz is leading our Community Outreach Program and Remebie works in the community focusing on the families and communities of our girls.720p & 1080p webcams work fine on USB 2.0 ports but 2160p needs USB 3.x.

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So each increment in resolution is FOUR times more pixels for your Mac and it's USB port to deal with.

The Meet Up conferencing camera also supports Bluetooth for call-in access to join a conference via cellphone.

The Meet Up's audio system incorporates an optimized full-range speaker driver tuned to avoid clipping and help suppress echo.

The 4K Meet Up Conference Cam aims to deliver a complete and compact voice and video meeting solution that offers 720p, 1080p and 4K camera resolution options.

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4K Ultra-HD mode requires software that supports such high resolution and a USB 3.o or 3.1 port on the host computer to handle the extra data.A handheld RF remote controls all camera, audio and call management functions.