Enterprise library modified date and time not updating

22-Nov-2017 06:31

Bear in mind that if a folder contains subfolders, each subfolder is counted as an item (but not any items in that subfolder).Even when the total number of items in a list or library is very large, a view of a single folder is at least as fast as a view that filters the total number of items by using an indexed column.In some scenarios, it may be possible to distribute all the items in a list or library into multiple folders such that no folder has more than five thousand items.It is important to consider the following when you use folders to organize a large list or library: Note: If you move items into the Share Point Recycle Bin, those items will still be counted when determining whether the filter expression exceeds the List View Threshold.

When you access items in a folder, you are effectively using this internal index to access the data.You can use Excel, Access, or Outlook, depending on the list data you're working with.