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04-Jul-2017 19:31

The sheer interference is breathtaking - if this goes through, perhaps the next diktat will ban full skirts because they might blow over our heads and become 'inappropriately revealing', or lacy bras, which could result in chafing and lead to 'more sick days taken off work'. Clearly, the TUC has failed to note one basic fact - that women generally wear high heels because they like them, not because their evil paymasters are stuffing their bound feet into tiny stilettos, shouting: 'Now dance, my pretty, dance!

'Personally, I will fight, sharpened stiletto in hand, for the right to wear heels.

Admittedly, for women who spend their working days trekking through mud-spattered Cumbrian fields herding sheep, or leading guided tours over cobbles, these recommendations are perfectly sensible.

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High heels finish an outfit, while flats too often look like an afterthought.