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* If you have flex and bison, edit and set DOYACC := y.* Add -llua and -lpcre to the LIB line in as: LIB = -lwinmm -static -llua -lpcre and build Crawl to include Lua and regex support.Don't forget to include C support when the Zip picker asks for what you want.You may also have to download GNU make as a separate package.* You can also use makefile.osx, which will run xcodebuild from the command line.* If you have Lua installed, you can add your lua headers and liblua library to the ' Crawl' target in the Xcode project, uncomment the '#define CLUA_BINDINGS' line in App Hdr.h, and rebuild to compile with Lua support.

On Unixes, the standard POSIX regular expression support is adequate for Crawl's needs.

* Open the Xcode project (Crawl.xcodeproj) under the "source" directory. * The default build configuration, Release, will build a ppc/i386 Universal binary suitable for play on all OS X 10.3.9 or newer systems.

The other build configurations are intended for development and may not result in a binary that can be distributed to others.

We'd also like to thank members of the Dungeon Crawl community who have contributed to Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup: Matthew Cline Elethiomel Ben Goetter R. Other platforms are unsupported, but you should be able to build Crawl on pretty much any operating system with a modern C compiler (full support for the standard C library, in particular is necessary) and the curses library.

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Dan Henry Benoit Hudson Ryan Kusnery Erkki Nurmi Yuuma Oohara Pedro Johanna Ploog David Rose Johan Strandell Added: trunk/crawl-ref/INSTALL =================================================================== --- trunk/crawl-ref/INSTALL (rev 0) trunk/crawl-ref/INSTALL 2006-11-22 UTC (rev 453) @@ -0,0 1,277 @@ Install instructions for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS) -------------------------------------------------------- (Last updated on 20061107 for Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.1.3.) Building Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup --------------------------------- Crawl Stone Soup is known to compile successfully on the following platforms as of version 0.1: - Any Unix with a recent gcc (and g ), GNU make and libncurses, including Linux and Mac OS X. Optional libraries ------------------ Crawl can be built with some optional features: * Sounds * Regular expressions * Lua support Crawl Stone Soup also uses a level compiler to compile special level definitions; to make changes to the level compiler, you'll need the flex and bison/byacc tools (Other lex/yaccs may also work). Sounds must be enabled by editing App Hdr.h (uncomment SOUND_PLAY_COMMAND on Unixes or WINMM_PLAY_SOUNDS on Windows).Makefile system --------------- Crawl uses a selector makefile (under source/makefile) to control what platform it's building for.

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